we believe great design should be

we present a visionary new version of the washbasin – a revolutionary concept, unlike anything the world has ever seen. the portal is an entrance to another dimension and will become the focal point of not only your public bathroom space but of your whole property

step into
another dimension

an elegant floating washbasin set in a gigantic round mirror with extravagant and inviting illumination. the end product is a design that looks like a portal to another dimension, inviting the onlooker to step through and forget everything they know about bathroom design


multi-coloured lights swirl and dance in a brilliantly interactive performance that will charm and entice onlookers. the portal washbasin is a warp gate which transports you to a completely different world, one of inspiration and magic. this is a design that demands to be shared and will awaken the storyteller in all who see it

Make your bathroom a social event!
Portal – Revolutionary and unique hand-washbasin system for public lavatories.

a new era in bathroom design

the portal is a quantum leap in the evolution of eumar product range – fascinating the viewer with its genius and timeless simplicity and making every bathroom a special place, worthy of sharing. turn your bathroom into a powerful social media marketing tool by entertaining and awing your guests

where will your portal go?

perfect for cruise ships, hotel lobbies, administrative buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs, the #eumarportal is truly one of a kind. change the way people talk about your location and tap into the global love of storytelling with the world’s first washbasin designed for the selfie generation

make your bathroom a social event