clean design,
functional integration
split 40 collection

Clean design,

excellent integration

The Split collection of washbasins is distinguished by its clean design and excellent integration. Suitable for any bathroom, the Split collection expresses a unique design identity. Integrated options ensure a stylish response to space saving requirements.

collection beat

Easy assembly

The geometrical, contemporary design of the Split collection is easy to assemble due to its recessed fixing points.

Integrated options

The Split collection is extremely functional. With options including an integrated tissue paper holder, integrated towel bar and shelf below with optional integrated waste-bin holder, your every need is bound to be met. Plus, integrated led lights softly illuminate the timeless design.

Rimless walk-in shower

For ultimate convenience and a sleek look, those with a modern taste can’t look past the rimless walk-in shower.

Understated boutique design

The Split collection is the perfect choice for a modern, chic bathroom. Pair with extra-large tiles or quartz panels for a sleek and exclusive look, or add interest with graphic art, a pop of color, or a feature wall.

Elegant, integrated storage

Wall shelves are an elegant solution to a practical problem. The Split collection enables functional storage space for towels, hair and body care products and other bathroom amenities without sacrificing elegance.

Clean design

The Split collection is distinguished by its clean lines and functional, integrated amenities.

Split collection

Suitable for any bathroom, the Split collection expresses a unique design identity.

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