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amelie collection have everything you might wish for from a vanity unit – for bathrooms with tiny and limited space in contemporary design and style. this will make your bathroom truly stand out and creates positive emotions for visitors and guest at your home, in the hotel room, cafe or other establishment.

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modern square edges

modern square edges meet the natural rounded forms, and we love the clean look with no drain
– well, it’s there, it’s just hidden, offering all the function without compromising the aesthetics.
practical ledge around the surface is not only useful to prevent water from spilling over, but it also prevents accidents of objects falling to the floor from the surface

elegant and unique

elegant and unique towel opening can be added to the sides of each model.
a recessed center console visually separated from the wet area and serves as a generous shelf surface, providing intelligent and safe storage space for toiletries or other necessities. possible also with glass cap or soap dispenser system semi-recessed integration and will add even more of a chic and functionality into the bathrooms.

the spout

the spout has been moved up to achieve an elegant and lightweight appearance
to create a product that perfectly fits in with the modern architectural context. with thin proportions and pure composition of both round and square forms, amelie offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to bathroom design choices.

Distinctive bathroom and living spaces, creating an exclusive ambiance in the bathroom.

everything is about its ergonomics...

for such a small vanity, it’s nearly impossible to have everything that amelie consists of. we fitted an extremely elegant, convenient and spacious bowl with a hidden slope drain, unique shape and very practical towel rail opening and even upper shelf for small bathroom amenities with kind of eminence in the front, which prevents any objects from falling down.

but this is not only the shelf....

it’s not a secret that back-wall faucet is getting more and more popular nowadays, however many people claim to forget to make the needed preparation in the walls for this during construction process, therefore it often stays unrealized.

amelie is a true game changer.

additionally, to the much obvious functionality of the upper shelve of the washbasin, it is also designed for a wall mount faucet installation even without wall preparation and therefore interacting in a whole new way. this is a very sophisticated innovation, which makes the product quite unique and extremely functional.

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a washbasin unlike any you’ve ever seen before!